The Fifth ISBEE World Congress 2012

Opublikowano: środa, 25, lipiec 2012 18:40
Autor: Bożena Wujec

The Fifth ISBEE World Congress 2012 at Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland
11-14 July 2012

The Fifth ISBEE World Congress 2012, hosted by Kozminski University have provided a forum for business and academics to grapple with some of the most pressing problems facing businesses all over the world and the new horizons coming from business ethics research to fill a wide range of expectations concerning ethics in business and the economy.

Today the world’s people and their leaders face a complex and multi-faceted set of ‘responsibility questions’. As the tension between different actors increases, the negative social effects become increasingly problematic and threaten the human welfare. As the regulating power of national and international governments is limited, this challenge has generated a strong interest in responsibility of business leaders.

Some firms find it increasingly important to meet the expectations of different stakeholderswith respect to the company’s contribution to profit, planet and people. This interaction between companies and various stakeholders constitutes a third mechanism that supplements the shortcomings of the market mechanism and government regulation in serving the well being of the society. Hence, the main subject was: “Tradition and new horizons: towards the virtue of responsibility”.